Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dramatis Personae

For our little trip through "The Scales of War" we will be accompanied by the following players and their characters, for as long as they can keep them alive. Once we all get a hang of this new fangled system, the kid gloves come off and I'm gunning for them!

1) Chris, or Kester as he is known to his friends , is our primary GM. He's also the owner of the his own house, the Pit, which he has shared with most of us at one point or another. In fact he requires all roommates to participate in at least one game as part of their rent. He's an excellent GM in multiple systems and a great roleplayer with almost 30 years of experience. I'll admit, it can be a little intimidating to run a game with him.

His character is Nicholas "Nik" Landarion, the friendliest paladin of Bahamut you're ever likely to meat. As listed on is character sheet, his personality traits are; Cocky, Confident, Carefree, Clean, and Charming. He's a half elf and for no apparent reason he can toss an eldritch blast as an encounter power. He segues quite well into our next character...

2) Karl was the GM before me on Thursday nights. He is perhaps the person I've known the longest outside my family, as he worked the counter at the only gaming store on my side of town back in the '80s.

His Character is a mysterious blue dragonborn warlord. The only name he gives is "Joe" and the only clue to his story so far is the symbol of Bahamut on his armor. Nik immediately had a dragongasm upon meeting him.

3) Kit is also a veteran, in fact Kit, Kester and Karl have been gaming together for most of the last 25 years. Kit is perhaps the most selfless gamer I've ever played with, willing to take almost any role and from dramatic leader to comic relief.

In this game he's taken on perhaps the blandest class, the fighter. Loufa Falafel is a hard nosed working class human fighter who takes no guff from anyone, is always willing to scrap or drink with anybody, and frequently complains about how the "liberals have ruined the Elsir Vale" He gets grognard points for having a really funny (and punny) name.

4)James is an architect who has come back to gaming after many years in order to escape his loving wife and three adorable children for 3 hours a week.

He tends to make his characters a bit silly and Daisy Hilpupipharm is no exception. She's an Eladrin Wizard who's about as stuck up as one can be. The only girl in the party, she has already attracted the unwanted attention of....

5) A.J., the youngest member of the group by ... let's just say a lot, A.J. is also a very new gamer and comes into 4th edition with some fresh eyes unjaded by years of d&d experience.

His character is the Elven Ranger Kain Rynwulf. A deadly archer, Kain is... how shall we put this delicately.... scruffy. And not in that good Han Solo way.

So there they are, our Heroes. And of course, in good D&D fashion, as handed down to us from the Ancients, our protagonists first meet... in a tavern...

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