Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Day Before..... Dum Dum Dummmmmm

Hi everybody out there in D&D land!

(sound of crickets chirping...)

Ok, well ... if any one ever does end up reading this blog, allow me to introduce the premise.

Our group of mostly veteran Gamers, (there's a game going on at the Pit almost every night of the week) just tabled our Thursday night game due to storyline inertia. So last week we sat around tying up loose ends and trying to figure out what to do with the open slot. In a mildly inebriated state I volunteered to be our groups 4th edition guinea pig and run the "Scales of War" Adventure Path.

Now I'm not normally a DM. I haven't run anything that lasted more than 2 sessions since my old "Justifiers/Justice Patrol" Champions game ground to a halt in like '96 or so. So a pre-packaged campaign seems to be just the thing for me to get back in the swing.
As an added bonus, "Scales of War" is a sequel to the rather enjoyable "Red Hand of Doom" mega-module that we played thru last year, so I'll be able to add a little familiar flavor as we go along.

I'll be back on Friday to to tell y'all (more crickets....) about the party, the players, and how things went.

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